History has been made last night, during the midterm elections in the US. Ilhan Omar, a proud Somali-America, is a force to reckon with. Having already experience in the political field she is now voted in to Congress. She is one of the first two muslim women alongside Rashida Tlaib voted into Congress. In her winning speech Ilhan reminded everyone the following:

“I stand here before you tonight, as your congresswoman-elect with many firsts behind my name.”

Another major first is the elected Sharice Davids, a Native American and proud and openly gay women was also chosen in to Congress. Sharice was also affiliated with politics, having worked alongside Obama during his presidency. And this woman can really kick some ass:

“Because progress is undefeated. We just need to fight for it.”

We applaud all these women and of course men who are ready to make that change in the US and bring some order.