The rumours have been flying around this weekend. It is said that Idris Elba might play the new James Bond! Start loosing your mind

After years of speculation and back and forth from fans of the James Bond franchise, it seems like our dreams have finally come through. The suavé actor known for his memorable roles in the ” The Wire” and “Luther” might play the next 007 when actor Daniel Craig throws in the towel.

Elba played with our feelings this weekend by tweeting Bond’s famous line with his own name in its place on Sunday morning.

And yet, hours later he also tweeted ” Don’t Believe The HYPE”

Of course we won’t be sure until it will be announced, but we do know that Idris once said that he would be honoured to play the role.

So, what the deal Idris? Stop playing with our souls! We want to know.