Probably one of the most anticipated album’s of the year, from Mr Nice Guy himself, dropped today. Drake, Drake, Drake… every time you think he done, he brings the heat AND the juice. Drake hit us with the: ” You done talking about my kid?”, brought us back to our favs with samples of MJ and Mariah. Yep, get ready issa extraordinary ride and when it hit the twitter streets, they reacted. Check out the most outstanding reactions on these streets

First of all our reaction:

  1. Drake hitting us with the ” MIND YO OWN DAMN BUSINESS” in Emotionless. Also, Pusha.

  2. All the emotions. REAL!

  3. It’s a legendary ghost!

  4. Also

  5. I mean he said: why let the story run if it’s false and You know a wise man once said nothin’ – nuff said

  6. Decisions, decisions!

  7. And you know you gotta know the words by the next club event

  8. Just don’t be a hater


  10. Summer bout to be lit in the DM’s

  11. WE’RE DONE

  12. Meanwhile at the spotify head offices for not having Drake’s album on time

  13.  There is so much to unpack.. still #drakelogic


ok we’re done. We’ll talk about this album later, we need a moment.