2ManySiblings ASOS made in Kenya

It’s not only handmade, but for the first time ever the offering is unisex. With this new collection they took it to a whole nother level. We are talking about the latest Made in Kenya offering in collaboration with brother and sister duo 2ManySiblings. Beats 1 radio presenter Julie Adenuga and model and activist Leomie Anderson also lent their creative input to the design process and the results are booming. Go check out those cutaway sundresses in block prints, electric blue and floral kimonos, and palm-print yellow halter-neck jumpsuits! They are to die for!

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Donald Glover better known by his stage name ‘Childish Gambino’ dropped this weekend a dope ass

thought-provoking music video titled ‘This Is America’. I strongly believe that this music video is one of

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The Color Purple

We all know the powerful story behind ‘The Color Purple’, the movie from 1985 in which Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah played amazing leading roles. After 11 nominations, the movie turned into an amazing broadway musical that also made it to the Dutch theatres. In the première week we made it to the NDSM theatre, where we had the privilege to have witnessed the magic on stage first hand. The ‘all black cast’ made sure to capture the audience and  took us on an amazing journey through the story. We strongly recommend you to see for yourself how amazing this play actually is!

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