Few weeks ago Nigerian’s world cup kit hit the internet and made several teams look at team NaiJi with envy. Yep! African’s always bring swag to the World Cup. So, All of West Africa united and put their #jollofwars issues aside and betted everything on Nigeria to win this world cup FOR THE CULTURE.

Last night though, reality hit us hard and although Nigeria looked fine as hell (heey! Goal keeper ;)). They couldn’t bring the #nodeycarrylast spirit to the fields. As always, black twitter, with some African spices of course,  were here to review the night! Lets have a look at the best tweets of the night.

  1. This is just unfair! LMAO

2. Now, this was just unnecessary

3. Y’all are just evil for this one! Just, why?

4. Damn. Religion got brought up. Ow Lord….

5. Yet again with the religion references…

6. We have no words

7. Why you gotta bring all of us in the equation though?

8. Excuse me sir, but the internet said we won. now we lost, abeg take your voodoo shirt back

9. Sometimes we need a little analyses

10. DONE.