Alkebulan has had some negative feedback because we support our dear friend Tofik Dibi for being who he is and will always be. We were both surprised and hurt because of this. Best way to get over the hurt is to write it down. So Naoual did just that. Read her heartfelt words to a dear and now old friend… 

Dear friend,

I don’t really know what to say to you.

I’m confused and sad. Are you really that mad at me?
Mad for supporting a person who is strong and brave enough
to live his own life and choose his own happiness?

Are you judging me for supporting a person who is struggling
with his own identity? Who might be unhappy with his
life for a long time, who is a creature of God with a soul,
with a body, with a heart?

What can possibly be so wrong with
supporting and understanding a human being who is dealing with life?

You know what?
I think you have to experience the same kind of pain and heartache yourself
to really be able to let other people be who they want to be or
be oke with the person they choose to be.
That’s exactly the reason why I’m not offended and won’t
let my sadness take over.

Ignorance is probably the reason you feel whatever you feel right now, about me.

I just hope for the future, you will find a way.
A way to open up and learn to see the different sides of life.

Not only yours.

With love,

Naoual Mayrahkee

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