10.000 people marched in remembrance of Marielle Franco

On Wednesday March 14th politician Marielle Franco was gunned down along with her chauffeur.

Marielle Franco was a hero in her country Brazil. A symbol for the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia and even police terror. Always standing up for equal rights. In fact, hours before she got murdered she was speaking on an event about the position of black women.

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Islam a piggyback to free pr?

Is a pr budget a thing of the past?

It seems so in The Netherlands. For the municipal council elections, political parties are running the last leg of the race. Vote is to be made this upcoming Wednesday. To encourage citizens to vote, each political party is allotted an X amount of airtime for a campaign ads on national television. This airtime is on the taxpayer’s dime. The infamous PVV however dropped a proverbial bomb last week with a television campaign ad that is shocking to say the least. 

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Outstanding Debut BAFTA goes to Rungano Nyoni

Rungano Nyoni won the BAFTA award for best Outstanding Debut for the movie I Am Not a Witch. A film about a young girl, Shula, being accused and found guilty of witch crafting. Shula is forced to make a decision about her life. Either she accepts her verdict or fights for her freedom.

As Rungano stood on stage speechless with a BAFTA in her hands. She started to thank the

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