Zwart Licht newest album Bliksem is out now

Dutch hip hop act Zwart Licht released their new album Bliksem which tranlates to thunder. And boy do they bring that THUNDER! Known for their grimey beats and sharp lyrics, these artists take their black excellence and wokeness and wave it unapologetically in the mainstream faces. Last night the crew gave a very touching performance of the track Schoon Schip on Dutch national TV.

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Alkebulan In The City: Leiden

Every week, one of our reporters is going to visit one of the cities in Holland to ask people on the street about their opinion about certain subjects. For this first week, I, Patrick, walked the streets of Leiden to ask people about our festival and what they thought of it.

I was curious if random people would understand and value the meaning behind the festival and of course if they would come. I purposefully didn’t tell them too much about our vision. I wanted to find out if people would think of it themselves. I took the streets with the question: “What do you think of the Citizens of Alkebulan festival, a festival that celebrates all kinds of African cultures”

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While we were roaming the web looking for talented people for volume 1 of the Alkebulan bookseries, we came across this beautiful series of photographs by Heather Agypong. We had to interview her. After numerous of failed attempts to meet up through Skype, phonecalls and even trying to meet up in her homecity, we finally got both of our busy schedules to work. We talked about her work and her connection to Africa. Get a little inside scoop of your new favourite photographer.

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