Monday evening, june 18th, XXXTENTACION was brutally murdered at the age of 20. The internet erupted. The youth was stanning for him and was even calling him the 2pac of the new generation. Others were condemning him for his questionable past. What we do know is that nobody deserves to be shot and killed at the age of 20, but what can we learn from XXXTENTACION death and the immense internet reaction that followed? 

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Poetic justice

Clearly, some of us have been living under a rock. I am talking about those who haven’t heard about the concept:’Woorden worden Zinnen’ (=words become sentences) before. On May 20th this year, WWZ will celebrate it’s 8th birthday, but let me tell you why it’s a concept to celebrate in the first place.

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Zwart Licht newest album Bliksem is out now

Dutch hip hop act Zwart Licht released their new album Bliksem which tranlates to thunder. And boy do they bring that THUNDER! Known for their grimey beats and sharp lyrics, these artists take their black excellence and wokeness and wave it unapologetically in the mainstream faces. Last night the crew gave a very touching performance of the track Schoon Schip on Dutch national TV.

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