Award-winning duo, FOKN Bois, popularly known for thanking God they are not “a Nigerians” after giving the world its first and second first Pidgen Musicals ‘Coz Ov Moni 1 & 2’, are the most celebrated Ghanaian music duo in the world due to their most unconventional way of entertaining with ingeniously tasteful shock lyrics, revolutionary performance art & indulgent progressive afro sounds.



Akwasi O. Ansah started his career with a spoken word act for Kunstbende (a local and national Dutch talent show). He studied at the theater academy in Maastricht and is now part of the theater troupe Likeminds. His greatest passion however, remains music. He raps for the hip-hop formation Zwart Licht and runs Neerlands Dope, his own record label.


VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes

Nigerian AFRO-FUSION group VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes are an Indie group, on a mission to educate Africans with their message calling for a revolution in Africa, politically and socially in all aspects. They have been focused on taking the message of love round Africa with their two-year tour. They are currently touring Ghana where they have developed a major follower-ship based on Ghanaians yearning for change. They have been featured on BBC World Global Beats as the new voice of Africa, to be aired from 31st October 2014.



Philou was born and raised in one of the southern provinces of The Netherlands (Zeeland, to be more precise). Philou is proud of his Congolese, Nigerian and Sierra Leonian roots; every genre of music he supports finds its way back to Africa one way or the other. Besides from the fact he wants people to enjoy the music, he wishes to make the public aware of the origins and respect the origins of the music genres he loves so much.

His first released track can be found on a sampler, released by French label Lazare Hoche, which has a Chicago house feel to it with an groovy twist, due to the percussions and beats. This track contains aspects of all music styles mentioned above. His second release ‘Rose Dawson’ was picked up by Alex Salvador from the Amsterdam based label ‘Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!’. After that, Philou released a full original Afrobeat influenced EP on TINK! Music called “Zolo Grooves”.



Mubarek Nii Amartey Radjkoemar better known by his stage name “Amartey”. Amartey is an versatile singer who can sing and rap in Dutch, English and African Ghanaian native languages Ga and Twi. He signed to So Fresh Music Group (SFMG). He is of Ghanaian decent, but lives in the Netherlands. The 20-year old singer was born on the 1st of May 1992 in Amsterdam Southeast. Growing up in the Bijlmer, also known as the ‘ghetto’ of Amsterdam, had many advantages for his personal development as the people around him were seen as brothers and sisters.

At this moment, Amartey is working on a solo album project that will be called #Livin Like Amartey’. This album will contain well-known Ghanaian artists such as Mugeez, Skob Original and Castro and many more.



Delasi is a down to earth concerned citizen of Ghana, a committed friend of the environment, a visionary who believes in sharing his dreams of a better world and he is the Soul God.
Delasi developed love for music at a very young age with a lot of influence from his parents’ countless collection of records. His passion for music knows no bounds, as this is what gives him the greatest joy. Delasi’s sound has a fusion of R&B, Soul and Hip-hop. This conscious crooner has the ability of sweeping people off their feet, drawing his audiences in when they hear him perform live. These days he’s venturing into new experiments with Afrobeats, Pop and some Dubstep. His music is generally political and talks about societal issues from the poverty stricken in society to the corrupt governments not doing their jobs. He also speaks about several other issues addressing the everyday man, relationships
and matters of the heart.