February 2018

The lack of Black History in the mainstream media

February is known as Black History Month, although not everyone is familiar with this month since it is mostly a month celebrated in the United States. But as of late more and more countries for example in Europe are seeing a growing number of people of African descent claiming this month to celebrate and remember their black history.

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Outstanding Debut BAFTA goes to Rungano Nyoni

Rungano Nyoni won the BAFTA award for best Outstanding Debut for the movie I Am Not a Witch. A film about a young girl, Shula, being accused and found guilty of witch crafting. Shula is forced to make a decision about her life. Either she accepts her verdict or fights for her freedom.

As Rungano stood on stage speechless with a BAFTA in her hands. She started to thank the

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Zwart Licht newest album Bliksem is out now

Dutch hip hop act Zwart Licht released their new album Bliksem which tranlates to thunder. And boy do they bring that THUNDER! Known for their grimey beats and sharp lyrics, these artists take their black excellence and wokeness and wave it unapologetically in the mainstream faces. Last night the crew gave a very touching performance of the track Schoon Schip on Dutch national TV.

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